Why is flaxseed useful?

Due to the content of therapeutic mucus, able to envelop the walls of the stomach and intestines, flax seeds are used in the treatment of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – peptic ulcer, colitis, enterocolitis, inflammation of the esophagus. Obtained from the seeds of flax, slime (cooked in about 15 minutes) has not only a protective effect on the walls of the stomach and intestines, but also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is advised to take with constipation (along with seeds) – this remedy has a mild laxative effect. Flax seeds are rich in proteins, oils, vitamins, organic acids and are used in dietary nutrition.


Flax inoculum (common) – Linum usitatissimum L., family. Flax – Linaceae.

Description:  Sowing Flax- annual plant, height 60-120 cm. Root stem with large branches and numerous thin roots. Stem is thin, erect, with a waxy coating. The leaves are numerous, spirally arranged. Flowers are five-membered, corolla petals are blue, rarely pink or white. Fruit is a flattened-globular capsule with 10 ovoid unequal seeds.

Ingredients: Seeds contain fatty oil (up to 40%), vitamin A, mucus (up to 12%), carbohydrates, enzymes, glycoside, linamarin.

Pharmacological action: It has an enveloping, expectorating, anti-inflammatory, epithelizing, gentle laxative effect. Reduces cholesterol? -lipoproteidov and? Globulins of blood, increases the level of albumin and reduces the coefficient of cholesterol / phospholipids. Ingested infusion of flax long held in the mucous membranes without changing viscosity, preventing them from irritation, because it is resistant to hydrolyzing factors. The mucus of flax seed prevents the absorption of toxins from the intestine resulting from infectious diseases and poisonings, reducing the overall level of intoxication of the body.


From the stems of flax-dolguntsa make clothes, decorative, technical (tarpaulin, canvas) and packaging fabrics. Based on the drying linseed oil, the best grades of oil paints are obtained. If the flaxseed is mixed with fruit jam or sweetened with honey, then its effect will increase, as when adding milk sugar in a ratio of 1: 1. For poultices and compresses, flaxseed flour is kneaded with hot water until a liquid slurry is applied to the fabric. On top, the wrap is wrapped in woolen cloth. The warmed-up dry seeds in the sacs are applied to the lower back with radiculitis and muscles.