Juniper is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent.

Thanks to the triple action – diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial – the fruits of juniper are prescribed for oedematous syndrome, caused by various diseases, including infectious. An infusion of juniper is drunk with “cardiac” swelling, violations of the liver, kidney failure. Especially shown are the fruits of juniper with cystitis: the medicament prepared from them is capable of simultaneously affecting both bacteria and inflammation, while actively washing the bladder to more efficiently eliminate infection from the body.


Juniperus common (Juniperus communis L.) c. cypress (Cupressaceae).

Description: Juniper is an evergreen shrub up to 2-3 m high, less often a small tree with needle leaves, vertically three. Fruit is a pine cone. The fruits are green at first, after ripening – black with a gray waxy coating.

Composition: Essential oil is contained in all juniper organs (the main components are da-pinene, cadinene, camphene, a-terpinene, a-flalandrane, sabinene, terpineol, borneol, etc.), pigment uniperyline, fatty oil, organic acids (apple, formic, acetic), resinous substances. Juniper has the ability to accumulate selenium and nickel.

Pharmacological action: The fruits of juniper have diuretic, choleretic, antipyretic properties, stimulate digestion. Juniper oil has a disinfectant, phytoncide, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and deodorizing effect, promotes regeneration and accelerated healing of wounds. Bulgarian scientists have established that juniper essential oil enhances glomerular filtration and prevents the inverse absorption of sodium chloride in the convoluted tubules of the kidneys. In addition, it increases bile formation and secretion of gastric juice, disinfects the pulmonary ways, sanitizes, deodorizes the sputum, dilutes it, which contributes to its faster removal.


Fumigation of a room with smoke from burnt juniper berries allows you to achieve almost complete sterility and deodorization of air. It used to be used for disinfection of maternity rooms, wards for women in labor and newborns in maternity hospitals. The room of about 20 square meters is enough 20 grams of pine cones.

Juniper has strong phytoncidal properties. It has long been noted that in those places where it grows, the air is cleaner, there are exhausted sick animals, which, when eating pine cones, restore their strength.

For many people, juniper is a symbol of overcoming death and a symbol of eternal life.

Indians of North America for the treatment of tuberculosis of the skin, bones and joints put patients in juniper thickets, where the air is saturated with curative volatile precipitates.

It was also noticed that the milk in the juniper’s jib does not turn sour even on a hot summer day, and in the barreled barrels, salted for a long time do not spoil the vegetables salted for the winter.

To improve the quality of blood recommend daily on an empty stomach to chew berries, adding every day for 1 piece. Having finished the reception to 15 pieces, the norm is also reduced by 1 piece.